Sunday, March 29, 2015

Project Update: The Saga of the Assembly Table (Cont'd)

I've picked up a nasty virus that started as a stuffy-head cold and has moved into my chest. It's just horrible. I suppose it's my body's way of telling me to slow the hell down, but I'm not one to listen to such drivel. Then again, I really don't want pneumonia, so I took a few days off to get better. This has seriously stunted my progress in the shop and I'm now stressed about completing the electric cello in time (April 9th for my son's birthday). So, ignoring my body's incoherent mumblings, I went ahead and mounted the plywood to the table top and threw it up on the legs that were pointing awkwardly toward the ceiling. Much coughing ensued.

Everything fit nicely. The next immediate step is to fasten it to the legs with lag bolts on the sides, 3" wood screws on the top. I will also be adding lag bolts to the bottom - I'm not sure why I didn't use them in the first place. I guess I'm not equipped to think of everything without using a prepared plan. Once I've fastened everything up, I'll be adding 2x4 cross beams to the legs and the hardened board to the top. The torsion box setup will have to wait - I need to get back to work.

On an unrelated note, I was able to replace my little portable toolbox with a larger, more permanent one. The new toolbox was only $50 - how could I pass that up, right? I paid almost twice that for the old one from a "friend" back in the day when I didn't know any better. Thanks, buddy.

Buddy Special

New Box

I still need to clean the new one up a bit and decide what I'm going to do with the old one. In the interest of keeping the shop clear of refuse and unneeded tools and equipment, I suspect a listing for it will go up on Craigslist next week.

Until next time...

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