Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Project Update: A Grizzly in the Garage

I was never so happy to see a FedEx truck in my life. I paid Grizzly for liftgate service - thankfully - and the Cool FedEx Delivery Guy helped me drag the package into the shop.

Grizzly builds their shipping pallets so that only one tongue of the forklift will fit under the pallet, but we managed to muscle into into the shop. Once there, I easily removed the cardboard and...uh oh. I couldn't figure out how to get the saw off the pallet.

After struggling with it for a bit, I decided leaving it on the pallet would be okay, it would just add a little height to the saw, right? I took a break and decided to hit it again and, voila!, I discovered the two bolts holding it on just had hex heads that I could easily unscrew using an Allen wrench. Once the bolts were out, I wrestled it to the floor and started the assembly adventure.

These sorts of things are never really much fun. Hey, at least it wasn't an IKEA product. If it were, I'd still be working on it (after having put most of it together backwards). In hindsight, it was pretty easy to get assembled, though it would have been nice to have had a helper, especially with the wings - they're heavy! Regardless, I got everything put on and even had a few spare washers and screws left over.

By the time I finished, it was so late I had to hightail it to bed without ever starting the thing. I'm trusting it runs fine and will be heading down to fire it up in a few minutes. Then...I shall cut something.

Until next time...

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  1. UPDATE: It runs and it's quiet! Need a good blade to replace the cheesy factory model (Freud 40-tooth thin kerf general purpose?), but I'm happy, happy, happy! On to the assembly table.