Monday, March 23, 2015

Project Update: Assembly Table Progress

I don't have much to report, I just wanted to give an update regarding the assembly table. The table is 4' x 8' and I'm putting it together myself, so my progress is not as fast as if I had a helper or two. I was hoping the shop elves would show up during the night and complete it, but, alas, that has not been the case.  As you can see, I've completed the frames for the top and bottom and am installing the legs now. The intent of this table is to create a sturdy structure with room for wood storage and to act as a table saw outfeed table.

As I was screwing the frame to the leg on the left in the photo above, I broke two Phillips screwdriver drill inserts; they just crumbled. These are generally built to withstand a lot of pressure, but I think the fact that I turned the drill speed down a notch and the screws are three inches long while my drill bit is barely two contributed to the breakage. I use a quick-release adapter for both, so I'll have to adjust to another adapter I have or break down and buy a new Phillips screwdriver insert or six. Either way, thank goodness for quick-release gadgets - they're awesome.

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