Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day 80: Coat Two Progressing Nicely

I've been working on getting the two coats of Tru-Oil off the naturals for the last couple of weeks. I slathered it on as if it were paint and now I'm paying the price. Owen Daly told me repeatedly that he simply rubbed on the two coats using a rag and that he buffed them up when dry using the same. I chose to ignore his comments and painted the Tru-Oil on using a brush. Ugh. It's taking me several sessions of scraping and buffing to get them finished. Fortunately, I'm down to only five of the 30 left.

This has been yet another great lesson in listening when a mentor speaks. Not only have I picked up Owen as a mentor, I have the benefit of several of the Seasoned Builders taking note of my progress on Facebook. I'm grateful for the attention they give me and I take every one of their comments to heart - when I take the time to actually listen. In my defense, listening can be difficult when I post up a progress note and the Seasoned Builders proceed to post up 35 comments on various topics. I love when they do that, but I think I get lost and end up ignoring what they're really saying to me.

I am resolved to start listening better. Today.

Until next time...

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