Monday, March 16, 2015

Project Update: Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

In anticipation of the new Grizzly 10" hybrid table saw's arrival this week, I went ahead and listed the BT3000 on Craigslist and, surprisingly, had only one guy call to tell me he could purchase one for $95 off the Interwebs. My response: "Well, then, by all means buy it!" He was not taking into consideration the fact that I had completely refurbished the machine with new pieces and parts, added a $100 upgrade kit for the router and throat and included a 2hp Craftsman router with it. Some will, some won't, so what, who's next, right? The next guy who called paid full price - $320 - for it and was surprised that's all I wanted. Another cool Craigslist dude.

So, I bid farewell to thee, beloved Riyobi BT3000 Cutting System.

Over the weekend, I purchased enough lumber to build out a full 4' x 8' assembly table. As you can imagine, this will become the centerpiece of the shop around which all other tools and tasks revolve. I also picked up enough to complete the go-board top piece/wood storage unit. More on this later.

Along with this, I picked up a couple of stands and a new hand truck. The stands are intended to get my tools off the shop floor and up where I can get my grubbies on them whenever I need to. Besides, I'm old and shouldn't be lifting things from that level. Eventually, I'll mount all of the tools and machines on mobile bases. For now, while I await the arrival of the new table saw this Tuesday (tomorrow!), I'm putting together a lathe stand I also picked up over the weekend.

I've decided that there are two things nearly impossible to achieve on one's own: finding world peace and putting together a lathe stand. Not impossible, but nearly.

Every couple of weeks on the day job payday, I work my way down the street to Gilmer Wood Co. to pick through their bargain barrels for little tidbits. Today, I found another camphor burl, a pretty good piece of African blackwood and a chunk of purpleheart. I don't have an immediate need for these, but one never knows when a slice of purpleheart might be needed. And I got all of them for $10 from Cranky Gilmer Wood Dude. How could I resist that?

The next update I post, I'll be in the throes of assembling the table saw. I can't wait.

Until next time...


  1. It's good that you've managed to secure yourself more than a few equipment for your own purpose, such as the hand truck. That is a real good bargain, I assume? Anyway, at least you've gotten a hold of those now, and are on your way into rebuilding and taking things to a new level. Good luck!

    Traci Mcdaniel @ Carolina Material Handling

    1. Yes, Traci, the hand truck is a little fella and was only $15. Good, old Craigslist. Thank you for your comments - please return soon!