Sunday, March 27, 2016

Project Update: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

After much deliberation and a shot or two of Pusser's, I came to the conclusion that using the Delta 6" jointer twice in the last year meant it had to go to free up some room in the shop. Frankly, my preferred way of jointing/smoothing a board edge is to simply use the table saw. Thus, I had to release the machine  into which I had put so much time and effort. I purchased it from a Cool Craigslist Guy some time in late 2014 and spent the Winter Break refurbishing it in early 2015. You may recall the posts; if not, here's a refresher.

The condition in which the little fella came into the shop was, shall we say, not good. I spent a significant amount of time getting intimate with it using a wire brush wheel on a cordless drill.

I also replaced its drive v-belt with a link belt.

The result was, admittedly, pretty awesome.

I even replaced the little switch/name plate. You can also see in the photo above that I procured a mobile stand for it, which was a blessing. I was thinking during the refurb, "Gosh, I need to make this thing mobile like everything else in the shop." I jumped on Craigslist and, voila! - there was the mobile stand made precisely for this particular machine. And for just $40. Thanks, Cool Craigslist Guy.

But, the only constant at Tortuga Early Instruments Worldwide Headquarters is change. It really was quite difficult for me to make this call, especially since I had worked so hard on sprucing up the jointer. Finding a mint condition Craftsman 18/36 open-ended drum sander for $500 less than a brand, spanking new one helped with the decision; it was located in Mukilteo (northwest of Seattle), the place of my former abode, so my wife, Tonya, and I made the road trip yesterday to fetch it. It's amazing what you can fit into a KIA Rio.

The new machine now fills the hole where the beloved jointer once rested. This tool is a game-changer for me, especially given my physical challenges (getting older combined with a profession that has required me to sit on my butt for the last 30+ years = pain and suffering during and after sanding). Now, I can fine-sand just about anything my heart desires with a minimum of effort. I had always dreamed of having a drum sander of this size and quality, yet could not see a clear path toward acquiring one. I suppose the lesson here is to be careful what you wish for.

Until next time...

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