Monday, October 26, 2015

Project Update: Completely Shored Up

Based upon my neighbor Mike's suggestion (he's a licensed contractor and expert-of-all-trades), I went ahead and shored up the go bar top deck. The challenge was that I had created a solid structure that would handle downward pressure from the wood stacked inside, but I had not done a very good job of addressing the upward pressure the go bars will inevitably exert on the frame. So, I added modifed 2x4s to the corners, making sure the pressure driving upward would transfer directly into the 2x4s mounted on the ceiling.

Mike also said that I could provide additional stability simply by adding some 1/4" plywood I had laying around. This is the stuff I used to surface the bentside lamination jig.

This represents 100% completion of messing with the go bar top deck. I'm serious. Now, I can get back to working on the case bottom. I'll be picking up the remaining pieces of clear pine I need today and I hope to start the cutting and glue-up process tonight.

Until next time...

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