Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 100: The Fix is In

After contemplating my Garret Wade Gap Filling Glue solution, I decided it was a stupid idea. Why not just slice off the offending bad cut and have a do-over? So, that's exactly what I did.

Once I got the glue on, I used the luthier's top/back jig again.

The piece came out needing very little touch-up from a the #4 Stanley.

Now, I can get on to gluing up the large, staggered bottom boards that intersect this little piece.

In keeping with Tortuga Early Instruments 5S/Kaizen/Continuous Improvement program, I managed to get the oscillating spindle sander mounted so that it and the 12" planer are now firmly mounted on their respective $15 Craigslist stands, I just need mobile bases for both and I'm golden.

More importantly, I was finally able to get a 240v plug installed for use by the new Laguna 14" SUV bandsaw that I will using exclusively for resawing lutherie materials of all kinds.

This is a big development for Tortuga Early Instruments and my undying thanks go to my next door neighbor, Mike Crane, for helping. There really is nothing that guy can't do with metal, wood, electrical - anything, really. He was kind and generous and ran me all over creation for the parts and then took half a day to get everything set up safely. I owe him one - and then some. Along with this, I ran an extension cord to an isolated 120v circuit for the table saw. No more terrifying shutdowns during cuts when the table saw and dust collector are both running.

The only thing remaining is to get the top of the go bar clamping system installed into the ceiling above the assembly table. It will also act as wood storage, freeing up even more room in my little two-car slice of Paradise. Mike was kind enough to run me around in his pickup so I could grab the necessary 2x4s and plywood to get this done, as well. I see a bottle of Pusser's in Mike's immediate future.

Until next time...

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