Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 96: Freeing the Bentside

Last night marked 48 hours for the bentside in the form. When I removed the cross braces, I had a little trouble where I chiseled out part of the side, yet all other bolts came out with ease.

Now, I must scrape the residual glue from the sides and scrape the surface a little more.

Of course, the Master Builders made the point that I should have staggered the rip seam for the laminate pieces, yet I believe it will hold strong due to the fact I introduced incredibly hard layers of plastic between the rip joints and the laminates. If it moves, it moves. I'll deal with it if and when.

Regardless, I raised a glass of Pusser's to the Ruckers family and the Master Builders. May your days be long and your instruments longer (whatever that means)! Cheers, my friends!

Until next time...

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