Monday, October 5, 2015

Project Update: A Cleaner Shop

In continuing my current trend of cleaning and organizing the shop, I disassembled the 12" sliding, compoung miter saw, stowed it out of the way, and got rid of its stand. I jockeyed things around a bit and boxed up the black walnut I had piled under the assembly table. In short, I cleaned up and organized. I can now walk through the place again, including around three sides of the assembly table - the fourth has yet to be cleared.

To continue, I will be getting rid of a lot of spruce 2x4 and plywood scraps that are hiding at the bottom of a large, plastic storage bin. Some of this wood I've not seen in at least five years, so it's got to go.

Now that the bentside has been laminated, I'm going to turn my attention to putting the case bottom together using clear pine I picked up at Home Depot. There is the matter of a bentside liner to be created, but I'm going to do that at a later time using the kerf method recommended by Mr. Miller in his eBook Most Excellent and by a few of the Master Builders.

Building the case bottom will involve planing them to 1/2" thickness, cutting them down to the appropriate sizes, and jointing them. Because Flemish harpsichords of this period are built "on the bottom," this is an important part of the build that I'm looking forward to completing over the next couple of weeks.

Until next time...

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