Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Project Update: Table Saw Woes

I received the following email from Grizzly Industrial, Inc. on May 28, 2015:

"Dear Valued Customer,

According to our records, you own a Grizzly G0771 10" Hybrid Table Saw.

We recently discovered that the motor pulley on this saw has an over-sized bore, which may prevent the pulley from securing properly to the motor shaft.

During saw operation, an improperly secured motor pulley and its machine key can come off the motor shaft and be thrown with great speed by the rotational force of the motor. If this happens, there is a small chance that the machine key can be ejected through the table opening and strike the operator or bystanders.

PLEASE IMMEDIATELY STOP USING THIS TABLE SAW! Do not use it again until the motor pulley is replaced.

We will soon send you a new motor pulley with step-by-step replacement instructions at no charge to you. Using the included instruction sheet, the motor pulley replacement procedure is easy and can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes-without needing specialized tools or mechanical skills.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but preventing possible injury to yourself or others is our top priority. If you have any questions about this notice, please contact us immediately.


Grizzly Industrial, Inc.
(800) 523-4777"

Oh, boy.

Given the fact the pulley part could do me serious physical harm and given the fact that it's Safety First at Tortuga Early Instruments Worldwide Headquarters, I have halted any production that might include the use of the table saw. This means I've set the bentside form aside while I patiently await the arrival of the new pulley parts.

In the meantime, I'm finishing up a project that is long overdue - an electric cello for my son, Reed. Once the table saw parts arrive, I'll jump back into this project and begin posting again with abandon.

Until next time...

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