Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 88: Preparing to Cut the Form Sides

I have not yet notched the clamping crossbeams, but I decided to start laying out the cuts for the lamination form sides. It's a funky cut in several ways, but can easily be accomplished with a jig saw. Once I cut one side and get it sanded down, I will cut the other about 1/16" outside the cut line and then use a router bit to trim it to the exact size of the first one. I'll detail this with photos when I begin the process.

I know I'm jumping around a bit, but I'm deciding about how to handle the notch cuts on the clamping crossbeams. I'll most likely make two passes with a dado blade on the table saw using the crosscut sled. The measuring tapes on the sled will be invaluable for these cuts. Okay, the next step will be to cut the notches; then, I can get back to cutting, sanding and routing the sides.

Making a decision to not decide and then to decide makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

Until next time...

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