Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 91: Finishing Up the Lamination Form

I was able to get the bentside lamination form completed last night. As you know, I've been staying off the table saw pending receipt of the motor pulley parts from Grizzly. Well, I couldn't put it off any longer and went ahead with slotting the form cross clamp bars using the saw (please don't try this at home). And I lived to tell about it.

Before I completed them, I went ahead and got the side blocks situated.

Then, it was time to glue up the top of the form using the form itself. Yes, this comes straight from the Tortuga Early Instruments Department of Redundancy Department.

Once the glues dries, I'll go ahead and begin the process of actually laminating the bentside. Oh, happy day.

A few world-class builders and players have, surprisingly, taken an interest in this little project via Facebook. Over the last year, they've offered tips, tricks, and guidance as I plod along in my particular Tortuga fashion. One of them, a famous builder residing in London, shared photos of his bentside lamination form he's been using for over 40 years. He has produced no less than 200 museum-quality instruments and I'm so glad to know that a man of his stature is laminating. Most are not, or at least they don't admit to it. He also recommend using Cascomite Powdered Resin Wood Glue, a cold glue as opposed to a hot glue such as hide, so I'll most likely hold off on the lamination until I can bring some of that in the door.

Speaking of world-class builders, I'll be visiting Owen Daly Early Keyboard Instruments this Sunday in Salem to observe the master as he bends the sides and bridges for two Italian harpsichords. I always learn something new when I visit Owen and I'm excited about seeing two instruments that are so different from my little Ruckers in progress. Naturally, I'll report back here with photos and a post or two.

Until next time...

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