Saturday, July 18, 2015

Project Update: Patiently Waiting

The table saw motor is still in transit, so I'm patiently waiting it out. As if I had a choice. This is incredibly frustrating and has made me realize what a crucial part of my making world includes the use of that little saw. The good news is it's a lot lighter now, which helped me mount it on the new mobile base.

I tried and tried and tried to get that damned set screw out of the pulley wheel. I purchased a new set of heads for the rechargeable drill. Nope. I even tried to superglue an Allen wrench in the set screw (yes, I was that desperate). Nope. Nothing I tried worked, so I packed up the motor and sent it to Grizzly - in Pennsylvania. Yeah, Pennsylvania.

I hope it enjoys its visit to the East Coast, but please, oh, please, little motor, come back home soon.

I miss you.

Until next time...

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