Saturday, July 11, 2015

Project Update: Case Wood Procured

Well, the table saw is still in a state of disrepair. Grizzly ended up sending me a $60 gift certificate, but only after I described how I could not get the pulley wheel set screw out to repair the saw and intended to put it back together for regular use and that they would be liable for any injuries incurred. Of course, they asked me all the obvious questions because, you know, I don't really know what I'm doing - Allen/hex wrenches and set screws are terribly complicated things.

The result of all this is that I've procured the poplar and pine for the case, yet cannot cut the pieces to size because the table saw motor is in transit to be repaired by the crack Grizzly technicians - or is it the Grizzly technicians on crack? I always get that part mixed up. Regardless, I've got lots of wood and nothing to do with it until the saw is 100% again. Until then, please enjoy these photos of poplar and clear pine boards (yes, that's a bottle of Pusser's sitting on the poplar boards).

Poplar for the Case Sides
Clear Pine for the Case Bottom
(sitting on the poplar)
Until next time...


  1. Dr. D. - I just found your blog while searching for photos of Owen's bending jig. I applaud your initiative and whimsy. I'll be closely reading all your past posts as I have time and follow future ones.

    Keith Rogers
    (who is a up the river from you in coast hills west of Junction City)

    1. Well, hello, there Emperor Aurelius (my personal favorite, if you discount the antics of Nero, Caligula, Verus and others)! My favorite quote of yours is, "Everything above and below is ever the same; and the result of the same thing. How long then?"

      Perhaps we can meet up one day soon - you're always welcomed in my shop if you make it to this neck of the woods.

    2. Keith - feel free to Friend me on Facebook, as well. I think I'm the only Darin R. Molnar on there.