Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 45: Taped Up and Ready for Paint

I finished taping up the sharps tonight in preparation for their painting with black semi-gloss. You may be wondering why I'm painting them black when I've already told you the sharps on a harpsichord are light wood or bone and the naturals are dark wood such as ebony. Well, you'll notice in the photo below that I taped the tops of the sharps with the intent of providing a clean surface on which to glue quarter sawn red oak strips. Remember, I'm completing this instrument in the Craftsman/Arts & Crafts/Mission style, which requires quarter sawn (red) oak with ebony/African blackwood accents.

Yes, I use green painter's tape, rather than the traditional blue. This was recommended to me by the first guy who taught me anything about building guitars many moons ago, so I'm sticking with it (pun intended). Regardless of the tape color, I'll be painting them with six coats of black semi-gloss (not at the guide rail ends, of course) and sanding with 320-grit sandpaper every two coats.

Now, this is real progress!

Until next time...

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