Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 123: Case Front Molding

Now that the Roubo-style bench is 100% complete (more on this below), we can all get on with our lives. Well, I know I can - and I'm happy to do it. The first thing I did post-bench was to work on the instrument case front molding. Because I'm building this one in Craftsman/Mission style, I will not route or shape this molding - or any molding on it - in any way. Since I did not yet mount the bottom, I decided to glue the two front molding pieces together before gluing them to the case sides (rather than use the bottom as a glue anchor/support).

When I took the piece(s) out of the clamps, I realized I had glued them sort of upside down (just trust me on this one), which prompted me to use the new bench to shave off some saw marks that would otherwise have been hidden. I can't even blame the beer on this one - I was just moving too fast.

The bench worked famously (Did you expect anything else?).

I then went ahead and glued the piece to the sides and let everything setup overnight.

Yes, the instrument is upside down in the photo above - one of the reasons I left the bottom off was that it would provide me easier access to these sorts of parts and pieces.

The next pieces I'll be installing are the bottom braces. It will indeed be interesting cutting the bentside (curved) ends.

Speaking of the bench, I was able to apply a couple of coats of clear Watco Danish Oil to it.

Please Note: No Danes were harmed in the oiling of this bench.

I had made a story up in my head (with the help of a few well-meaning friends) about needing to add additional wax or poly to the top. Random Roger Green assures me the application of the Watco Danish Oil, which is a sort of varnish on its own, is enough to resist any glue I might spill onto it. I must admit, the thing looks pretty good now.

I can't tell you how nice it is to have the bench completed. Of course, I'll be adding a Moxon vise to it in the very near future, but that in no way prevents me from using the bench again and again and again.

Until next time...

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