Monday, December 21, 2015

Project Update: It's Raining Walnut

From time to time, I stop by Goby Walnut and Western Hardwoods to see if they've put out their Free box. Well, a little voice kept telling me to stop by last Friday and guess what I found.

Not just one Free box, but TWO were out! This is the first time I hit such a motherlode, so I went ahead and packed the car with everything I could pull out of the boxes.

The only area of the car I didn't fill was the front passenger seat. Eventually, I got the wood loaded into the shop for closer inspection.

Many of the pieces have cracks, knots and live edges that needed to go before storage. I used the trusty Laguna 14" SUV bandsaw to get everything trimmed up, including processing five black walnut logs I picked up a few weeks ago. The photo below is scrap from the cleanup process.

I posted it on Craiglist and it was all gone within an hour. This left me with an assembly table full of cut walnut that needs to be stored somewhere in the shop. Where that will be is a mystery to me at this time, though I think I can squeeze most of it in behind my main toolbox without losing too much shop space.

The lesson from this is that I will be more careful in listening to that little voice. If I make another run that results in this much wood again, I honestly have no idea where I would put it. Besides, I need to get back to work trimming the instrument wrestplank cap and getting the case sides cut and jointed.

Until next time...

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