Thursday, April 16, 2015

Project Update: The Tortuga Always Wins

Greetings from the house attached to Tortuga Early Instruments Worldwide Headquarters! I wish I could report I'm doing much better healthwise, but I'm still having a significant amount of kidney pain. I'll be returning to the doc this afternoon to try and discover why. I've not set foot in the shop for more than a week and the withdrawals from that are nearly worse than the kidney thing.

Some good news to note is that I'll be displaying the keyboard at A Gathering of the Guilds at Oregon Convention Center on April 24, 25 and 26 - that's next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My work will be included with other members' works from the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers. It will be fun to see what sort of reactions it prompts, if any. Of course, I'll also provide a summary sheet of exactly what a harpsichord is, what the immediate and long-term goals are for the instrument and Tortuga Early Instruments, etc. I hope people like what I've done so far.

I go off the antibiotics this Sunday and will still need a few days for the stuff to work its way out of my system before I can jump back into the shop. At least, that's the plan so far. I may learn differently this afternoon. They want me to have a followup CTScan, which I do not take as a good sign. The additional scan and the pain are causes for some pretty deep concern here, but I've learned over the years to not make up stories until I have all the facts. Then, all bets are off. Please send me your prayers, good energy and general good wishes (I think I may need them).

And don't forget: the Tortuga always wins.

Until next time...

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