Sunday, December 7, 2014

Project Update: Mission Accomplished

I was able to complete the cleanup of the new Delta 6" jointer tonight. As you may recall, I purchased it in a state of disrepair that included lots of rust and a few missing parts.

Once I disassembled the stand, I cleaned it up with the new bench grinder using a wire brush wheel and spray painted it with some of the paint I had left over from the sharps.

While the stand paint dried, I put the machine up on blocks and finished polishing the bed using a heavy duty Scotch-Brite pad.

It ended up nice and shiny, like brand new.

My two youngest sons, Trey and Reed, are pretty handy in the shop. They both have solid woodworking experience and have helped me with some great suggestions along the way. Tonight, they helped me put the stand back together and get the machine remounted.

I ran a piece of scrap through it and it worked like a charm. It's even quieter than my previous machine. Very exciting stuff.

The only steps left are to install the feet that are in transit to Tortuga Ancient Instruments Worldwide Headquarters and then to build a mobile base with locking wheels. For now, the machine will be stored off to the side of the shop until I need it (which will be soon - I'll be starting the case in the next couple of weeks).

Now, I can get back to cleaning up the table saw and starting the assembly table.

Until next time...

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