Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 49: A Third Coat--of Satin

After talking with the helpful dude at the local paint store, I settled on Krylon black satin to finish out the paint on the sharps; he said Krylon had discontinued the semi-flat, so I went with one I figured would be around for a while. I applied the third coat and they're drying now.

In the meantime, I keep returning to the naturals. The photos below illustrate a little scoring jig I built based on a simple plan from Mr. Miller's eBook Most Excellent. I purchased the metal bar at Home Depot and cut it down to size with a hack saw. The jig itself is made from parts and pieces I had laying around the shop.

The bar is 1/8" deep; thus, the first score is at 1/4".

The second score is at 1/8".

And voila! Both scores are accomplished and I can get on to notching at the first score. You'll see what I mean in the next post.

Until then...

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