Monday, August 25, 2014

Project Update: Not So Bad After All

I had to take some time off of the project while traveling out of town over most of the last week and weekend. Upon returning yesterday, I fiddled around with the loose key in question and decided that, well, it's just not that loose. The guy who I questioned on Facebook about it never responded, so I'm going to charge ahead with the determination to be more careful when filing the slots. The one thing I've learned about woodworking over the past few years is there is nothing that can't be fixed. Fortunately, in this case no fix is necessary.

Over the next few days I'll be completing the slotting and filing of the guide rail ends of all of the keys. This should take me the better part of the week because, like smoking delicious meat on my beloved Old Ironsides II smoker, I'm going to take it low and slow. I've never heard of a woodworking situation in which care and caution resulted in disaster, so onward!

Until next time...

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