Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 26: Gluing Felt, Punching Keys

I finally got the back rail felt glued to the keyframe. This felt is intended to cushion the back end of the key, reducing noise when the instrument is played. I ended up using 3M Super 77 spray adhesive for the task.

In hindsight, I should have taped off the back end of the felt before spraying the adhesive - that stuff gets everywhere. This won't affect the sound or playing of the instrument, it just looks a little tacky (no pun intended).

BTW, this means the keyframe is OFFICIALLY COMPLETED! Woo Hoo!!

I also went ahead and tested the key mortise punch tool I received from Hubbard Harpsichords. Yes, I paid $16 for the "tool" because I don't have a grinder, something that I've needed a couple of times during this project. I see a Craigslist adventure in my near future...

The punch tested out fine on a piece of scrap poplar, so I'm going to go ahead and punch away tonight. I've been busy with life the last couple of weeks and have only found myself in the shop after everyone in my neighborhood has hit the sack, which has prevented me from whacking away at the keys. Best not to piss off the neighbors, if you know what I mean.

Until next time...

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