Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 27: Oops

Well, it happened just like Mom said it would: Everyone's having fun until somebody pokes an eye out. I was working diligently last night to get the mortises punched into the 51 keyframe balance rail pin holes on each of the keys and it was going swimmingly...



I'm honestly not sure what happened, it happened so quickly. One hit...two hits...oh, crap. From the looks of it, the punch simply aligned with the wood grain in an unfortunate way and the rest was, as they say, history. You can even see in the photo above where the punch twisted into the grain a bit.

Fortunately, this was one of the sharps - a piece without the quarter sawn oak arcade on the front - so, I can replicate it completely. Or so I believe. More to come on this in the days ahead.

Until then...

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