Thursday, June 5, 2014

Project Update: A Sad Day, Indeed

Remember the post in which I discussed "The Instrument Workshop Guy"? Well, his name is Lutz Bungart and he is owner of The Instrument Workshop. Sadly, Ernie Miller of the Harpsichord Project notified the many customers of his excellent The Harpsichord Project E-book 3.1 that Mr. Bungart is not expected to survive what has been diagnosed as a terminal illness. With this news, The Instrument Workshop is no longer taking or fulfilling orders at this time.

Jack Peters, a fellow harpsichord builder and personal friend of Mr. Bungart, has offered to help Mrs. Bungart inventory and prepare the company for sale, potentially to Mr. Peters. I'm hopeful Mrs. Bungart and Mr. Peters can come to some sort of arrangement to the benefit of all.

This will impact the Molnar Opus 1 Harpsichord Project, but that's trivial compared to what Mr. and Mrs. Bungart are experiencing. My thoughts are with them through this challenging period of their lives and they will both remain in my prayers for a very, very long time.

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