Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 16: Dimples and Tacking

I've slowed things down a bit based on personal issues and the current situation with The Instrument Workshop. When I was able to jump back in for a bit, I decided to use a fairly blunt awl to dimple the points where I will be drilling through the keyboard into the balance and back rails in order to mount 102 pins. The dimples will help me place the drill bit accurately when I am able to get to it.

Once I completed the dimpling, I tacked the keyboard to the keyframe using 1" finish nails. This tacking is important because the keyboard must remain stable while I drill all of the pin holes.

When I went to drill the holes, I realized my 3/32" drill bit was not long enough to make it through the keyboard and into the keyframe 1/2" because I'm using a tool to stabilize my drill in order to make the holes a perfect 90 degrees (you can see it hiding behind the beer in the photo below).

I decided to call it a night, yet I couldn't help but think about it the next day when I realized my drill bit would make it far enough into the keyframe that I could remove the keyboard and complete the drilling. Regardless, it was a good stopping point for the evening because it was getting late and I needed to finish my Portland Brewing Imperial Mac's Ale and smoke my Gandalf pipe before hitting the sack.

Until next time...

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