Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Project Update: Nearing the End

Yes, I'm nearing the end of the tool acquisitions. Thank goodness. I actually become quite stressed when going through acquisition periods like this, even when the tools I purchase are covered by selling other tools. Granted, this period has lasted longer than most. Once I receive a couple more orders (a Nova G3 4-jaw chuck for the lathe and a cast iron router wing for the table saw), the period will come to a close and I can get back to building the instrument in earnest.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had purchased a folding trailer some time back and never put it together. With the upturn in the weather (I've seen sun for several days in a row now - an odd occurrence here in the Northwest), I started assembling the thing. After three days of fun, I've realized I would have paid handsomely for someone else to do it. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that. Regardless, I got it nearly completed with the help of a couple of buddies.

Now, I just need to attach and wire the lights that came with it, put on a two-piece plywood floor, and build out the 2x4 sides. It will be so very nice to transport wood and tools without having to bother anyone else. I suppose the price of freedom is assembling it myself. I'll take that.

As you probably know, I acquired an older (built in 1972 when I was 10 years-old) Delta 4" jointer a few months back. I had taken the knives out to sharpen them and realized I had no idea how to get them back in and adjusted, so off to YouTube I went. I found a great video on doing it for "old school" jointers and managed to get the knives in and the outfeed table adjusted to near-perfection. I ran some thin walnut stock through and it worked just peachy fine.

And, finally, the Tortuga Early Instruments Reference Library just grew by one small book.

I've not had time to glance through it, but given the reactions on the book of the face, it's a good one to have. Of course, I have Hubbard's other famous book, but this one will make things a little easier when it comes time for final setup of the instrument.

Until next time...

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