Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Project Update: I'm not procrastinating. Really, I'm not.

Okay, I am. After working with the soundboard, I think it's just too thin to end up being any use in the instrument. This is somewhat demoralizing, but there are worse things. I'm going to work with it later today to make the final determination. I will not let this happen again. Ever. More to come on this.

So, the tool acquisitions are finally wrapping up. The Nova G3 four-jaw lathe chuck came in, which will help with making stand legs and other small parts.

Along with this, I earned a cast iron router table extension by completing a consulting gig for a friend's company. Rather than take cash, I requested they compensate me with the extension. It was a good trade. Mounting it was interesting because it weighs 60 pounds. I rolled the jointer underneath and propped the thing up with 2x4s while bolting it on. Fun times.

I still need to acquire a good router with the ability to adjust its height from the top of the extension. Typically, these systems can cost as much as $500, but I'm not going to let that happen. Instead, I found this combination: A nice Bosch router and an adjustable router base that will work just fine. I'm not sure when these will happen, but the foundation is in place.

The Tortuga Early Instruments Reference Library grew by two works this week.

Both of these are great books and I look forward to poring over them in the near future.

Until next time...


  1. Whenever I make wood too thin I look at the bright side; I usually realize I made the wood too thin before gluing it into an instrument. That's about as bright as I can make it.

    I have a Craftsman table saw I bought used with a warped cast iron top and a very bad fence. It does have a flat cast iron router extension. My wife has been waiting for me to take off the router extension so I can get rid of the rest of the saw. It has only been on the porch for three years...

  2. That seems like hardly enough time to make such a crucial assessment.