Sunday, February 5, 2017

Day 140: More Register Work

The last couple of days have seen me finish the second upper register and start work on the lower register. Because I had done most of the work on the upper before the weekend, I was able to "close the comb" by gluing it up using the go-bar deck.

As I glued them, I held them in place with frog tape (the green stuff in the photo above), an old luthier's trick. It was nice to look at the finished product and think about moving on to cutting the parts for the lower register. 

The first step was to line up the slots with those already existing in both upper registers. As you can see, the lower is made from a single piece and requires no holes to be drilled.

Now that the slots are completed, I'll trim a little off on the bottom of each slot to act as relief angles, much as I did with the tops. Then, I just need to "close the combs" by gluing all of the pieces together, trim it to length, and Bob's your uncle (I don't really know what that means, it just sounded appropriate).

Until next time...

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