Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Project Update: Finishing Up the Stretchers

To complete the bench shelf stretchers, I needed to plane down the alder 8/4 planks I picked up last week. The first step was to plane them to final thickness, which I determined was 1 3/4".

As you may recall, I had the original 10' plank cut into 6 1/2' and 3 1/2' pieces.

After planing, I chopped each of them to length.

Once I got them chopped down, I cut them to width and started cutting the tenons on the table saw using Random Roger Green's cool, old tenoning jig.

I then proceeded to cut the negative space out of the tenons that resulted in this:

What's wrong with this picture? Well, on the top one, I cut out the tenon - the 3/4" piece, rather than the 1" piece. Hey, I was tired. And should not have been working in the shop. So, the next step is to simply cut the shallow one deeper. Easy peasy. I'm traveling for the day job this week and will get things shaped up this coming weekend.

On a completely unrelated note, one of my Facebook Friends, Alan Ollivant, let all of us know that his company, North American Wood Products, was moving locations and would be holding a super-sale of their current stock. Alan was right - it was a sale and it was super.

Yes, that's the inimitable Mark Roberts of Mark Roberts Guitars and Ukuleles in the shot above. I also introduced myself to Charles Fox of American School of Lutherie and Fox bending machine fame. He kindly invited me to visit one of his classes in progress, an offer that I will gladly take him up on soon.

I arrived early and managed to brave the feeding frenzy to pick up this stash of my own:

Guitar necks for $5, free bracing stock, figured maple at a fraction of its original price. I also picked up some "piano wood" they had standing in the shop "for 15 years."

It's the wrapped wood in the photo above and enough for at least two soundboards, maybe three. They're 1/2" planks that I can resaw to my heart's content. This was one of those sales I always hear about, but miss. I did not miss this one. I'm stocked up for a while now and I believe I got enough wood to build at least two treble violas da gamba, as well.

I am, as they say, good to go.

Until next time...

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