Friday, January 29, 2016

Day 116: Clamping for Success

I completed the Register Escape Hatch Door last night. It's comprised of a plug that will butt up against the bass side of the register inside the case and is tacked onto the outside of the spine.

I didn't understand Mr. Miller's directions in his eBook Most Excellent for the outside piece, so I made it extend from just one end of the door. As you can see, I made the piece from solid red oak to match the veneer. In looking at it today, I've decided to remake the piece tonight. I want to be able to anchor the door on both sides of the hole with screws and this just won't cut it.

I was able to cut the lever slots into the nameboard last night. This took some precision drilling with the drill press, chiseling and filing. They're not perfect, but once I veneer the nameboard and frame the slots with African blackwood, they will look just peachy fine.

I started dry fitting the case pieces last night just so I could sleep without worrying about whether I had cut them to the proper dimensions or not. The first attempt was a quickie with the parts on their sides.

Everything looked pretty good, so I went ahead and clamped them up for further inspection.

Everything squared out perfectly, so I'm happy. I will be veneering and gluging things up this weekend - please stay tuned!

Until next time...

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