Friday, November 7, 2014

Day 56: From Chaos Comes Order

I glued one of the key top tails to a keystick last night and it looks pretty darned good.

So good, in fact, that I started gluing up the remaining key top heads in anticipation of notching and sanding them as I prepare for the tail glue up step.

I know it looks chaotic, but, in my defense, I'm using just about every clamp I own, which include all shapes and sizes. And, yes, it's true: you can never have too many clamps. Frankly, I'd just like about two dozen more clamps like the little one in the first photo above. They're small and cheap and work great for these key glue ups. Finally, something from Harbor Freight worked out!

I'll be notching and sanding the key top heads before proceeding with the gluing of all of the tails. That way, I'm not endangering the tails as I use the new razor knife -- yes, I decided to go ahead and make the minuscule notch at the second score line using it -- and the file to round off the heads. It turns out I was making the notches too deep - they only need to be about 1/32" deep to help protect the score line from the rigors of the file.

As I've described in a previous post, sanding can be a bit of a challenge for me because 1) I don't like it very much and 2) my hands always hurt from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery I had a few years ago (I'm a Data Scientist in my day job - CTS is an occupational hazard). My solution for the sharps is to sand no more than three or four at a sitting and putter around on other things between sessions. As I glued up the key tops, I was able to finish buffing up 10 of the sharps. There are only 21, so I'm getting there...slowly but the tortuga.

Until next time...

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