Monday, May 9, 2016

Project Update: Dry Fitting Success

After all of the work Random Roger Green and I did on the workbench leg mortises, it turns out I had not only placed the long stretcher mortises in the wrong place (placed them flush with the back of the legs when they needed to be flush with the front), we also cut them to the wrong depth. It just never amazes me how I can complicate the simplest task tenfold. It's a gift. So, I had to plug the square holes in preparation for a do-over.

Once they dried overnight, I sanded off the extrusions, redrew the holes and started the mortising process over - again. They say practice makes perfect. I sure hope they're right.

In the end, I was able to mortise all of the stretchers, both long and short, and test fit them with all of their respective tenons.

A few were a little tight and required some cleanup, but, for the most part, all went well and I was able to dry fit the shelf stretchers.

I was becoming a little demoralized with the project, so this was a big help in keeping me motivated to finish the thing in the next couple of weeks. As well, Random Roger Green's consistent help, advice and encouragement have been keys to my completion of this side project. Along with this, I've had to keep in mind the "reason for the season," as they say. The whole point of this exercise it to create a workspace that will help me build harpsichords, violas da gamba and whatever the hell else I come up with. It's been interesting.

On a completely unrelated note, I drove by Goby Walnut and Hardwoods and they had put out not one, but three, free boxes packed with some really nice cuts of claro walnut. I couldn't help myself. I packed the new car full with just a fraction of what was in the boxes and was able to find storage for it in the shop. But it must stop. It  really, really must stop. Good thing I don't have a larger shop, right?

Now, if I could just figure out what to do with all that beautiful walnut.

Until next time...

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