Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Day 106: Drawing Lines

Following Mr. Miller's eBook Most Excellent, I went ahead and starting drawing the cut lines for the case bottom. The first step was to draw the tail angle at 65 degrees from a point measured 71 5/64" from the keyframe end.

I then drew in the bentside lines - inner and outer - so I could begin the process of rough cutting around the outside line. The thing is, I forgot that my bentside is 1/8" thinner than the final 1/2" width because I'm adding a thin veneer of quarter sawn red oak when I finish up the sides. This means the lines I drew last night will need to be redrawn at a later date.

On an unrelated topic, I sent an email to Owen Daly of Owen Daly Early Keyboard Instruments last night asking him about the bentside liner; specifically, whether it should be laminated or kerfed. Owen said to "always refer to the fossil record," which means kerfing, but I'll explain more about that when the time comes. He also recommended I set the bottom aside until the case is completed, which, given the fact I cannot draw accurate lines until that happens, is great advice (again).

But...but...but...the lines look so good...

Where's my eraser?

I did start cutting the tail line, which would have been okay - until I realized how late it was. I didn't want my wife, Tonya, and the neighbors to show up in the shop with torches and pitchforks, so, thankfully, I decided to cool it for the night. Now, I will cool it for what looks to be a fortnight (based upon the pace of the Tortuga). This is okay, I'd rather do it right the first time because redoing it right takes too long and is expensive in the long run. How would I know? Don't ask.

In the meantime, I'll be taking a trip to Crosscut Hardwoods in lovely Portland, Oregon to look at purchasing that red oak veneer. Hopefully, they're opened on Black Friday.

Until next time...

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