Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Project Update: Goodbye and Hello

When I resawed the 3/16" boards for the bentside, I was not happy with how they came out. One of them has a dip that can only be attributed to my inexperience resawing combined with some of Big Bertha's quirks, so I've decided to go ahead and let her go to make room for a new Grizzly 17" bandsaw with a Laguna Resaw King blade. This was a tough decision, but the level of work I intend to do demands it. So, as a fitting tribute to Bertha, I present her Craigslist photos for your enjoyment.

The new saw will have many improvements over Bertha and I will be resawing wood for other luthiers with it, so I wanted to get the best I could within my budget. This is what I've settled on:

Hopefully, Bertha will sell soon so I can find room in the shop for the new beast. Until I get the new saw, I'm going to halt production on the instrument. It shouldn't be too long - things tend to move faster than expected at Tortuga Early Instruments Worldwide Headquarters.

Until next time...

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