Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 78: Keyboard Progress

I've made a little more progress with "sanding" and smoothing down the naturals. The Tru-Oil hardens to a nice, shiny sheen that I then buff off and finish with #0000 steel wool. The process is tough on my delicate little fingies (the CTS surgery thing), so I've limited my progress to five to seven keys per night. Last night, it was seven - and I'm feeling it today.

In the photo above, you can see the before/during/after progress. The finish left after buffing is very hard and really quite nice. It doesn't surprise me that it's primarily used on gun stocks. Owen Daly recommended two coats and I'm working my way, slowly but surely, through the first application. I only have seven keys with the first coat remaining, which I'm hoping to finish up tonight. The second-coaters are patiently awaiting my attention.

On an unrelated note, someone on Facebook asked last night about the size of my workshop. I was surprised to realize that I really have no idea how big it is; it's a two-car garage that's pretty deep. My first shop was a single-car wonder with three-foot deep shelves on one side and my workbench on the other. Needless to say, I didn't have much room to navigate. My current shop feels cavernous by comparison and I'm so, so grateful to have it. So...here are some photos:

The first photo faces inward and you can see my table saw (as yet unnamed), Big Bertha (the 18" band saw) to the right and my workbench against the wall. The new lathe is hiding on the floor behind Big Bertha. The second faces out. You can catch the new jointer that's still in a state of disrepair - as I repair it. The third photo is a shot of Little Buddy (the 12" band saw) and The Terminator (the drill press). My next improvement(s) is centered on getting the planer, lathe and Ridgid oscillating spindle sander onto stands and getting all of them, as well as Little Buddy and the new jointer onto mobile bases.

As I set the seven keys I sanded up to dry after a coat of Tru-Oil, I was met with a dilemma: Do I choose the hobbit pipe or the wizard pipe to enjoy some Shireweed with a rip of Pusser's?

It was late, so the hobbit pipe won. I hadn't smoked with it in over a year and it was a pleasant experience indeed. Not at all like the wizard pipe, which is like having a second job just to keep it lit. I see more hobbit pipe and Shireweed in my future.

Until next time...

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