Saturday, May 17, 2014

Project Tip: Be Patient with Your Suppliers

I ordered the punched papers and felt, back rail felt and all rail pins to complete the keyframe from The Instrument Workshop via email as requested on their website. When I didn't hear from them in over 24 hours, I called to make sure my email had not been spam blocked. The helpful gentleman who answered sounded absolutely horrible and he confirmed this by saying he had just gotten out of the hospital with a respiratory infection. Poor guy. I quickly let him go after he said he would follow up ASAP.

At around midnight the same day, I received an email with a PayPal request for payment from guess who - yep, The Instrument Workshop. They're shipping from Ashland, Oregon and, since I'm located in Vancouver, Washington, it means the parts will be here some time next week.

The lesson I took from this is to always remain mindful that my suppliers are people just like me working hard to make it on a daily basis in this crazy, mixed up world. Helpful The Instrument Workshop guy, I salute you!

Now, where are my parts...?  :-)

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